Petco Cuddler Dog Bed in Brown

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Petco Cuddler Dog Bed in Brown

Petco Cuddler Dog Bed in Brown - The Round Brown Dog Bed of your Doggie's Dreams aLet your pampered pooch drift off to doggie dreamland in the Petco Cuddler Dog Bed in Brown. This cushy round dog bed is a comfy, cozy choice for letting your dog rest and relax all throughout the year. The handsome design features a brushed polyester outer shell in a rich shade of brown. Matching plush lines the interior of the brown dog bed. The low front profile creates easier access for senior dogs who want to snuggle in the cushioned center of this round dog bed.The Petco Cuddler Dog Bed in Brown provides insulation against cold floors in winter, and in warmer months it gives your dog the perfect place to enjoy summer snooze. And when your brown dog bed gets a little grimy from your dog's constant loving and napping, simply toss it in the laundry! The Cuddler round dog bed is completely machine-washable to make your life as a pet parent that much easier and enjoyable. One cycle is all it takes to bring this luxurious dog bed back to fluffy life.A cushy, high quality bed like the Petco Cuddler Dog Bed in Brown is just the place where your dog will love to sleep. The high walls of the brown dog bed cuddle your furry friend as he drifts off into dreamland. A luxurious bed like the Cuddler provides a comfortable space for your dog to rest and relax all day, all year. It's a subtle yet essential addition to every pet parent's home!

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