Bully Max Dog Muscle Supplement 60 pills (60-Pills)

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Bully Max Dog Muscle Supplement 60 pills (60-Pills)

The benefits dogs can get from Bully Max is a raise in the immune system (which means your dog will be safer from infections), an raise in metabolism, and a raise in vision. Bully Max muscle supplements for dogs are also excellent for proper bone nourishment as well as a raise in tendon strength. This muscle supplement for dogs also aids in their muscle build, and a raise in your dogs skin and coat health. Bully Max: provides the following powerful benefits: • Increase Strength, Muscle, Power & Speed • Extend Endurance • Speed Recovery • Better Oxygen Delivery • Stress Fighters • Build Muscle • Raise Health & Immunity • Post Surgery, Chemo, & Trauma • Trans Fat, Sucrose, Corn Syrup Free! • K9 Athletes • Hard Keepers • Dogs Needing to Muscle Up

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