4in1 Dog Training Shock and Vibration Collar

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4in1 Dog Training Shock and Vibration Collar

NOTE:This item mainly suitable for large and medium sized dog PET998C Remote training collar
The Remote Trainer has 2 components: a collar device (receiver) and a hand- held remote control unit. It uses vibration or micro static shock to modify your dog's behavior and a whistle tone reward for positive reinforcement. You can use this product to deter them from such behaviors as digging, getting into the trash, chasing cars, stealing food from the counter, running away from you, etc.

1. Help to train dog to active under commands.
2. Can teach your dog sit, hell, fetch, and roll over.
3. Strong static impulse can penetrate hair of pet and fabric within 6mm thick.
4. No discharging point will touch skin of pet
5. Static impulse can quickly and effectively correct deeds of your pet.
6. Warning vibration let your pet associate with static pulse.
7. After few times of warning, even vibration will achieve same effect as static impulse to help your training work.
8. Both static impulse and warning vibration are set with automatic stop to protect pet from continuous reprimanding.
9. With automatic on/off switch of vibration induction power on collar receiver.
10. Water resistant receiver.

Matching Receiver and Transmitter :
1. Turn on the transmitter by the switch on right side of it
2. Install the batteries for the receiver. The LED inside the receiver starts to keep flashing. Press vibration or shock button immediately after batteries are put into the receiver firmly. Then the LED will stop flashing and only light which indicates that the transmitter and the receiver have matched each other successfully.
3. If LED stops flashing on its own without press any button in the transmitter, take out the batteries. Wait for at least 10 Seconds and try step 2 again.
4. Put the cover on the receiver firmly
5. Attach the receiver to the collar.

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